Hot Cell Manipulators at the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor

Radiation Science & Engineering Center Facilities

The RSEC facilities include the Penn State Breazeale Reactor (PSBR), gamma-ray irradiation facilities (in-pool irradiator and dry irradiator), the Neutron Beam Laboratory, the Hot Cell Laboratory, the Radionuclear Applications Laboratory, the Radiochemistry Teaching Laboratory, the Nuclear Security Education Laboratory, the Subcritical Graphite Reactor Facility, and various radiation detection and measurement laboratories.

Between 2008 to 2014 on the average 30 faculty and staff members and 28 graduate students use our facilities per year. Over 100 undergraduate students took radiation detection and measurement laboratory and reactor physics laboratory every year. About 10 graduate students took nuclear security education laboratory every year. In addition to the above activities, the RSEC supports 24 courses in 8 different colleges across Penn State. The RSEC, through these courses, supports the education of hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students each year. Approximately 3000 visitors per year visit the RSEC facilities.



The Radiation Science & Engineering Center (RSEC) was established to manage Penn State's comprehensive nuclear research facilities, including the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, Gamma Irradiation Facility, Radioactive sources and Radiation measurement resources. The RSEC provides safe nuclear analytical and testing facilities in support of the research and education activities of faculty, staff, and students at Penn State.

Radiation Science & Engineering Center

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