Hot Cells Facility

The RSEC Hot Cell Laboratory (HCL) houses two shielded enclosures for work with significant amounts of radioactive materials. The cells are capable of handling 100-350 curies of activity depending on the shielding configuration. Both cells have several access plugs including roof plugs to the reactor bay so samples can come from the reactor pool and into the cells without leaving a controlled area. The hot cells also have transfer capability from one cell to the other using the electro-mechanical manipulators. The cells are HEPA filtered and are kept at a negative pressure during use. The HCL has its own loading dock and crane system that can move casks directly from the cells onto a waiting truck.
Hot Cell at RSEC


The Radiation Science & Engineering Center (RSEC) was established to manage Penn State's comprehensive nuclear research facilities, including the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, Gamma Irradiation Facility, Radioactive sources and Radiation measurement resources. The RSEC provides safe nuclear analytical and testing facilities in support of the research and education activities of faculty, staff, and students at Penn State.

Radiation Science & Engineering Center

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