Academic Financial Support

Graduate students at the Radiation Science & Engineering Center are supported by a variety of governmental and industrial fellowships and traineeships and by research and teaching assistantships. Stipends for fellows and trainees are available through the College of Engineering. Grants-in-aid covering tuition accompany these stipends.

To inquire about these opportunities with the Radiation Science & Engineering Center, call 814-865-6351.

For general information on University loans and scholarships, visit the Office of Student Loans & Scholarships.

Nuclear Security Lab

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The Radiation Science & Engineering Center (RSEC) was established to manage Penn State's comprehensive nuclear research facilities, including the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, Gamma Irradiation Facility, Radioactive sources and Radiation measurement resources. The RSEC provides safe nuclear analytical and testing facilities in support of the research and education activities of faculty, staff, and students at Penn State.

Radiation Science & Engineering Center

101 Breazeale Nuclear Reactor

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-4710

Phone: 814-865-6351